> Visiting the Dam

Commissioned in May 2009, by regulating the water levels the dam over the Couesnon gives the river enough strength to push sediment out to sea and away from the Mont.

In addition to its hydraulic function, the dam blends in with the new approach route to the Mont-Saint-Michel as a work of art and a structure to welcome the public. It is in keeping with the project’s philosophy to enhance the site in the best possible way, offering visitors the possibility of reaching the village and the Abbey while discovering the area.

Project management group :
BRLi Luc Weizmann Architect - SPRETEC ANTEA - Bertrand Lanctuit Guided tours of the dam (1 hour)

You may discover it thanks to the dedicated brochure you can previously download.

Download the leaflet presenting the Dam over the Couesnon.


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